Catering to Escrow Companies

Why is Gloria the preferred Notary for Escrow Companies?

How escrow works and why they need a Gloria, the Street Legal Notary in their team.

An escrow works with property sellers and buyer, their real estate agents, title companies, mortgage lenders, homeowner associations, County Tax recorder, and many other services that are a part of the contract in a real estate sale or purchase in such transactions as:

  • Purchase or sale of homes
  • Refinance, Lender documents
  • Multi-Unit or apartment, exchanges or sales
  • Commercial Real Estate transactions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Businesses being sold

Escrow is a third party which temporarily holds money or property until conditions in a contract are met.  I like to call it a “holding basket” where they gather money and pertinent documents required in a transaction. :

Within these transactions there is a multitude of actions, legal requirements, signatures and much more which the escrow officers oversee.  Many or these documents require notarization.  Here’s a list of a few:

  • Transfer Deed
  • Certification of Owners Trust
  • Quitclaim Deeds
  • Deed of Trust
  • Affidavits
  • Lender documents, various
  • And many, many others

A “closing” can only occur when each and every item of the contract is completed and signed (executed).   Only then can escrow disburse funds in coordination with the Title Company.

For more details about the escrow process, check this site:

Gloria at Street Legal Notary has the most extensive experience and knowledge about all these transactions.  As a Mobile Notary in the Gardena, Long Beach, and South Bay areas, I am the preferred outside service for many escrow companies and their clients.   I meet clients in the escrow office, at their home or place of employment or in the local coffee house.   Wherever is convenient for the customers to sign their documents.

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